Introducing ZuQ – A Simple ZeroMQ Queuing Daemon

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Matt Cockayne

Matt is both a PHP Developer and Scout Leader. Having tried his hand a few different careers he finds that he is happiest working with code as the Technical Lead at Magma Digital. As a framework contributor and serial tinkerer Matt has spent a long time working on being the best PHP Developer he can be. As a Scout Leader he spends a lot of his time devoted to teaching valuable life skills to kids aged 7-18. He is a firm believer that being a Good Scout and Great Developer go hand in hand.

2 thoughts on “Introducing ZuQ – A Simple ZeroMQ Queuing Daemon”

  1. “As you can see from the code above, have a 3 strike rule. If the client fails to connect to the queue service more that 3 times, we create a new client socket and retry.” What is that good for? ZeroMQ re-connects automatically for you.

    1. Thank you for your comment. The description of the client and the 3 strike rule was slightly incorrect. This has been amended and the reasoning behind the logic has been explained in more detail.

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