Nice New Nexus7

This morning I woke up to an email telling me that my Nexus7 that I had ordered 3 weeks ago was… “out for delivery”.

I couldn’t contain my excitement. I sat patiently waiting by my door. Finally 11 o’clock rolls around and there is a knock. I’m handed a brown parcel and hand over the obligatory signature. I close the door behind me and carefully place the box on the desk. I contemplate teasing myself and seeing how long I can hold out before opening it.

That lasted about 20 seconds!!!!

In fact… this video says it all

I’m not gonna bore you with how awesome it is (and it is awesome). I will however point out a few obvious foibles with it though (not that they would have ever stopped me from buying it).

  1. No way to expand storage
  2. Lack of Flash (may not seem important, but until everyone else catches up there is loads of content I cant use i.e. BBC iPlayer)
  3. A number of apps (games specifically) that I have run on my phone are not yet supported
  4. Google Now feels a little clunky at times and struggles with some of the regional British accents
  5. MTP doesn’t appear to work out of the box with my Linux OS (I’m sure this will be remedied soon)
  6. No obvious way to directly access the front facing camera (easily remedied with an app from MoDaCo)

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