Badges & Stickers

One of the most prominent things I've been asked about regarding my promoting being a Good Code Scout, is where can we get the badges? Following on from a number of questions and subsequent tweets about it Well... I've decided that (providing I can get permission from all the right people) I'll start creating … Continue reading Badges & Stickers

My first ever public appearance as PHPBoyScout

So it's finally happened! I stood up in front of a group of developers and gave a lightning talk about how Scouting Principles should be applied to every day development. The amazing thing is that I didn't get any rotten tomatoes thrown at me! quite the contrary in fact. Even with me doing the talk … Continue reading My first ever public appearance as PHPBoyScout

Free Open Source Website for Scouts

I've been a Scout Leader for a few years now and the District I work within have very little by way of internet presence. As a bit of a pet project I started building a simple Scout based website for them to use. Its nothing too fancy, I created a simple module and theme for … Continue reading Free Open Source Website for Scouts

Flexbox cross browser

Despite having been around for a while and having been through a couple of revisions, its support across browsers can vary greatly. From "Candidate Recommendation" on Chrome/Opera, "legacy flexbox" on Firefox and no support at all on IE9 and earlier. Making flexbox work consistently across browsers was a challenge for us on a recent project, … Continue reading Flexbox cross browser