My first ever public appearance as PHPBoyScout

So it’s finally happened!

I stood up in front of a group of developers and gave a lightning talk about how Scouting Principles should be applied to every day development.

The amazing thing is that I didn’t get any rotten tomatoes thrown at me! quite the contrary in fact. Even with me doing the talk in full Scout uniform.


Now to see about finding some more places to speak and actually fleshing out the talk into something that can last a full hour and not just shy of 5 minutes.

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Matt Cockayne

Matt is both a PHP Developer and Scout Leader. Having tried his hand a few different careers he finds that he is happiest working with code as the Technical Lead at Magma Digital. As a framework contributor and serial tinkerer Matt has spent a long time working on being the best PHP Developer he can be. As a Scout Leader he spends a lot of his time devoted to teaching valuable life skills to kids aged 7-18. He is a firm believer that being a Good Scout and Great Developer go hand in hand.

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