Project Slayer: The Critical Path

The first of my new round of talk abstracts! In all honesty this isn’t a talk but something more that came out of a very drunken Saturday night at #phpbnl19. There were a bunch of us sat talking and somehow the topic of D&D came up which sent my mind racing with this idea… By the time 2am rolled around I had a fully formed idea along with some willing players to help with the idea. Now I just need to find a conference willing to take a chance on it! If you know a conference that would be interested let me know


Our heroes have just completed our latest quest! Having successfully delivered the latest iteration of their project they are approached by the aged and holy sage “PeeEm” with a new quest! How quickly can they implement the sacred and forgotten art of “Lo-ging” into the codebase

Do they accept? If they do will they be able to defeat the trials and tribulations that await them? Will they find treasure and glory, or suffer defeat at the hands of the vile and depraved Stakeholder?

What will people learn

The only way to find out if our heroes will complete this epic quest will be to join us and see if the dice of fate will be kind to them!

Along the way we will will learn some truths about feature implementation and how our heroes handle the challenges that lie ahead. And hopefully gain enough experience to level up!

Additional Information

This is an extremely unique talk! It takes the form of a live Dungeons & Dragons game. I will be on stage playing the part of Dungeon Master looking to guide our team of adventurers through the process of delivering a new feature for a project.

Our heroes currently consist of a heroic bard who will be inspiring our heroes, and audience, with ballads of past glories. A warlock with the demonic power to fork and merge code like no other in existence…. Our sorcerer has the innate and wild magic of Fire(base)! Finally our team is held together with the support of our cleric, worshipping the ancient god Rasmus.

The outcome of this adventure will genuinely be determined by the roll of the dice! It will be a game of 5th edition D&D that we can probably fit into an hour… but 2 or more would be better and far more fun.

Audience participation is expected! Cosplay is hoped for! I will, of course, be in full scout uniform!

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